Мануал сервис canon f-rb

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Service manual Where can i find the manual for this lens, and. can it be used with adapter for Canon 5D Mark3, I only want to use it manual for film..


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Will this lens work with a Canon 5d mkii?

Canon 5D Mk11 with 24-105 lens shows error on screen stating there is a communication issue between camera and lens. Cleaning the lens contacts did not resolve it. The same lens on a Canon 20D caused an.

Is there an adaptor that will make it possible to put older style byonet Zeiss cine primes onto a Canon 5D Mk11?

change my engine head i can get the timeing to set rigth 1991 5a e.f.i.engine

Why is the cocked lever of my Mamiya rb67 stuck? I just purchase an RB 67 professional which looks in very good conditions. I have moved couples of times both **** lever wind the lever for film to advance and the shutter and all works perfectly. Until just today a moved the **** lever and just stop half way and stuck. The lever is half way does not move either way. The lens ring rotates counter clockwise but does not reach the red mark to enable to take the lens off. The shutter is locked. I have tried to switch the knob left side to M and off the blind leaf out to the triangle, brought the speed a 1 sec but shutter do not fire and the lever is stuck. Any help to find the way how to disengage the **** lever. Thanks to anyone can help

Shutter Jammed and will not release I have a Mamiya C3, when I chock the shutter I can manually release the shutter on the side of the lens but not with the cable release cord attached. There is a small piece of metal down where the bellows come out holding the shutter in a locked position. Not matter what I do that metal tab will not release. Anyone know how to fix this?

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